our curriculum

Kiddie College Learning Center uses Creative Curriculum. This is a researched based curriculum that focus on learning through play, social emotional, language,math, and physical aspects of developing children. We value early education here at Kiddie College

Our Programs

Giving your child quality care and learning from the get-go. Kiddie College Learning Center offers a stimulating and nurturing environment for your lovable infants. We know that sleep is a major part of the development process, particularly at this age, and have provided the ideal sleeping area complete with learning tools for when your child is awake. You can count on our child care providers to be attentive and completely focused on your child, giving them hugs, singing with them, and talking to them as well. We will strive to instill trust in your little ones in a healthy learning environment made for discovery, movement, and communication.
Encouraging curiosity and exploration. Kiddie College Learning Center offers a toddler program that focuses on social growth and discovery. Your children will experience mind and body enriching activities such as imaginary play, early math, book reading, and so much more. Our educators will start to introduce ways to encourage communication, cognitive development, as well as social and emotional growth to all our scholars. Potty training will be a means to boost self-esteem with the help of our dedicated parents.
Further developing your children’s skills and talents. Kiddie College Learning Center follows a curriculum that focuses on bringing fun and excitement into the educational journey of our scholars. Your child’s skills in math, science, art, and technology will be further enhanced with our more advanced and complex programs. However, despite the increased difficulty of the program for the purpose of preparing your kids for kindergarten, they will still be guided to learn at their own pace and have fun while doing it. This phase is all about teaching students to be independent.
Giving your child quality care and learning from the get-go. Our senior classes specifically focus on making your children ready for the formal learning environment of kindergarten. We teach them how to focus their attention and skills to discover their own world, participate in learning activities, and engage in outdoor play. Your scholar will be able to further his skills with a curriculum designed to enrich young and creative minds.

Giving your child quality care and learning from the get-go. Seize the summer! Take your active little camper to Kiddie College Learning Center where we host a calendar of enjoyable activities. From coming up with wacky inventions, creating cool artworks, to playing games outdoors, your child will truly have a wonderful time making memories with us.
Kiddie College Learning Center’s summer camp is educational and fun. Here are just a few of the things to expect from our summer program:

  • Fun exploration
  • Camp games and adventures
  • Pretend play
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Team sports and individual contest
  • Science experiments
  • Field trips

Learning doesn’t stop when the school months are over. Let your child continue to discover, learn, and meet new friends this summer.